PP modular flooring Information

Aug 21, 2019

Interlock floor thermal expansion and contraction problem
Due to the physical properties of the polypropylene material itself, the expansion coefficient is four thousandths.
Our company's assembly of the floor lock has taken into account the problem of heat expansion and contraction, as long as the lock is adjusted to the appropriate clearance according to the weather temperature during installation.                       
Interlock floor afraid of fired cigarette of not
The temperature of the cigarette butts is higher than the melting point of the polypropylene, and the sports venue is not allowed to smoke.
 The company's products can be fire-retardant, but the concept of flame retardant is not that the product does not burn. The literal explanation is to hinder the burning, but the melting point of the finished product is similar, and the cigarette is hot.                

About the color:

Our company's assembled floor can be customized in a variety of colors. Some arcs (such as the free throw line of the basketball court) need to be colored and then applied to the surface of the floor with the special paint provided by our company.

The problem of the firmness of the floor marking paint

Professionally matched with lacquer paint, the firmness is guaranteed for 5 years, and the place with high frequency of movement can also be 1-2 years.

How to clean the PP interlock flooring?
Water is enough

The court will move after the installation?
No,it will not move,each court is more than 2000kg

floor color uniformity problem
1) Chromatic aberration: The color of the finished floor produced is biased, deep and shallow, or the individual floors are black. Due to the weather, problems in the production process of workers can lead to chromatic aberration. Of course, the color of the products produced in the two batches will also be different. After all, the production of flooring is artificial, and it is difficult for all manufacturers to avoid. The production process of the suspended assembled floor of Dikang has been perfected, the phenomenon of chromatic aberration is very small, and in the final packing process of the production workshop, there are special personnel responsible for inspecting the floor. Ensure that there is no color difference between the same batch of finished products.

2) Emergency treatment method: In the case that it cannot be exchanged, try to install the part of the floor with the color difference around the site. If there are two venues, the floor with the color difference will be concentrated on one site to cover, and the scribe line will cover the raft.

The corners of all floors are uniformly rounded.